Tips for Adding Brokerage

Transportation businesses sometimes want to expand and start a freight brokerage business as well and they want to do this because they have overflow freight and to keep their customers happy. 

The essential tips for a business who wants to get their hands dirty with a brokerage should be firstly to operate the brokerage as a completely separate company.  This way the brokerage and the trucking company would be two ... Read More

The Benefits of Truck Factoring

Truck factoring means when factoring companies permit truckers to immediately get paid for their delivery whether or not their customers have paid them or not on time.  This way rather than waiting for slow paying shippers and brokers, truckers go to factoring companies to get the same amount for invoices. This is ideal for truckers who now can maintain a healthy amount of cash at hand for day to day costs such as ... Read More

Importance of Using an Online Load Board

Online load boards help businesses prosper, grow, and provide a platform for shippers, brokers dealing in freight and those industries in need of transport services.  Moreover, small fleet owners may use it as a profitable tool to locate valuable customers. Now you may think what is a load board? Well as I said it’s a way of finding business partners related to transport and freight.  As is the case with ... Read More

Freight Recession: Myth or Reality?

Well this is a question which swept the whole freight and transportation industry, that whether the freight recession really did happen or was it a myth; most people say that it was real and now the industry was moving to a slow season from a recession.  But one thing is for sure, compared to last year; there has been an almost 100 percent increase in freight on spot market.

Contract freight has ... Read More

Essential Safety Tips for Truckers

A truck driver has a very difficult job, driving in various seasons and conditions; such as winters, is an art in itself.  The winter season poses a serious threat with snow, ice on roads, reduced visibility etc, drivers have to be extra cautious and those who drive in bad weather are putting everyone’s life in danger.

The first important safety tip is to be prepared for whatever challenges that ... Read More

Driving Distractions

The greatest danger American drivers have is distracted driving, as we move towards a more technological savvy world, the driver is more tempted to use it and not concentrate on the main objective which is to focus on the road at all times.  Distracted driving is an activity that could cause a person to not pay attention to driving, such as texting, reading, brushing, make up, videos, GPS navigation, focusing on radio and ... Read More