Posted on 27 Mar, 2018 by Admin


The greatest danger American drivers have is distracted driving, as we move towards a more technological savvy world, the driver is more tempted to use it and not concentrate on the main objective which is to focus on the road at all times.  Distracted driving is an activity that could cause a person to not pay attention to driving, such as texting, reading, brushing, make up, videos, GPS navigation, focusing on radio and a lot more things.

According to government’s figures in 2014 it was reported that around 3000 plus deaths took place because of distractions on road and mostly the age bracket is 15 to 19 year olds. According to another research conducted by AT&T, around 70 % drivers use smart phones while driving, which is more likely to cause a death than drunk driving which is an essential element to consider in my opinion. So what can truck owners do, so that their drivers don’t get distracted behind the wheel?

Truck drivers should first of all put their cell phones in the glove compartment and that the GPS is working properly before starting the truck. If you feel hungry, you should pull over and enjoy your meal rather than eat and drive. 

Moreover, if you see someone else doing it then report the number plate to the authority, this might save a life and for others in the society.  Besides all the recommendations the best thing to do is to, not to take any unnecessary risks when you are driving on the road and take full precautions, and obey all road safety laws for a safe drive.

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