Posted on 27 Mar, 2018 by Admin

A truck driver has a very difficult job, driving in various seasons and conditions; such as winters, is an art in itself.  The winter season poses a serious threat with snow, ice on roads, reduced visibility etc, drivers have to be extra cautious and those who drive in bad weather are putting everyone’s life in danger.

The first important safety tip is to be prepared for whatever challenges that the road throws at you. Carry an emergency kit always, which should include a torch, blanket, warm clothes, coats, food, and water for the car and for your own body. Other essential car tools such as jumper cables, ice scrapers, mats and be prepared for the worst with an emergency number ready for all times.

Furthermore, it’s important to keep distance behind other cars, as it’s often difficult to stop quickly while driving such a heavy vehicle, especially in winter season.  Trailer lights should be visible so that other drivers don’t tailgate you and always check that the lights aren’t covered with snow or ice decreasing visibility of the car. As a truck driver you should know how to drive in different situations and conditions because moving load from one area to another 24/7 a year is what the job requires you to do. So in slippery and winter season, bridges, roads may become difficult and drivers have to be focused, cautious and slow. 

All road rules will have to be obeyed such as speed limits, and you shouldn’t be afraid to stop and take a break till the storm finishes.  Drivers should not use the jake brake which is a tool used to slow down trucks, but on bad conditions it may make the truck go out of control and slip.

Professional truck drivers have to be prepared for every condition and these tips can become a reminder for them.

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