• What is LoadKey.com?
    LoadKey is a platform which provides innovative solutions by gathering load boards from all major websites in the USA.
  • Why should I prefer LoadKey?
    You should prefer LoadKey because we provide outstanding quality service by collecting all load boards in one place, so you don’t have to waste time and visit several websites to seek load. Loadkey provides Patented technology that gathers load board information from all major websites and places it right in front you, It offers the user a service that no other load board can offer. By creating a search engine it not only offers a free service to the user but also searches multiple websites in seconds bringing you only what you’re looking for.
  • How can I add my load board to LoadKey?
    Well that’s easy; you can contact us by filling out the contact form on our website and we will be delighted to add your load.
  • Can LoadKey notify me, when there is a load matching my requirements?
    Right now we are working on this feature and it should be available soon, as we believe in providing top notch service to all our clients.
  • Do I have to pay to use this amazing service?
    Certainly not, this is an all out free service. So why not log on and achieve your goals through our one of a kind free service.
  • What makes LoadKey’s load board different than all other services?
    Well first of all load boards are different, some having technical jargons and some being quite expensive. LoadKey is a one of a kind site, which offers free exclusive service to all shippers that post load and equipment which then shows up within a few minutes on our site. Providing the ultimate service for all parties involved.
  • From where can I find the loads I need?
    Just go to our home page and search for your location. Your information will be processed and matched with the related loads, providing you with the relevant links.
  • Is there any way through which I can find loads for my personalized equipment?
    Yes you can. Just log onto our listings, from which you can select your desired loads and equipment and contact shippers going to the desired location.
  • Why aren’t rates listed with load?
    This is because not every shipper would put a rate with the loads they post, as they want you to contact them directly and negotiate best rates.
  • Why isn’t distance listed with every load?
    The location is well defined on our listings page however not every shipper or broker for that matter would like to include their distance with the loads they post because the routes may vary.
  • Is LoadKey working on any new feature?
    Our aim is to provide top class service and make improvements each day, we are working on a lot of things such as load matching service which will make your experience even better than before.

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