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Online load boards help businesses prosper, grow, and provide a platform for shippers, brokers dealing in freight and those industries in need of transport services.  Moreover, small fleet owners may use it as a profitable tool to locate valuable customers. Now you may think what is a load board? Well as I said it’s a way of finding business partners related to transport and freight.  As is the case with online business portals there is a lot of scam however, mostly there are load boards which are reputable with outstanding history and clientele to show you their experiences, such as Load Key, which is the future of online load boards.

If done through the proper medium, using a load board can be the road to success for owner- operators, fleet owners and new entrants into the market. The best thing about it is that you can access it from anywhere and at any time due to it being online, plus it provides an access to you to the business world by gaining information about credit for those who want to make future deals, offer messaging board; through which you can communicate directly by commenting and asking for reviews and feedback.  Furthermore, it’s quite inexpensive.

That being said there are a lot of scammers online so to avoid getting ripped off, you could first of all ensure transparency with potential leads, run credit checks, review feedback of customers, ask for insurance verification, request information for identification and also join an online monitor service. Secondly one has to have a fixed rate, which would guarantee stability, keep track of finances and increase chances of profitability. As they say don’t put all your eggs in one basket, why not diversify your options and also establish relationships outside of online load boards so that if you have a successful venture you could contact that business again for future deals, this shows that a load board could provide a huge way to create PR.

On the other hand, services which are technical and complex may not be cheap and there may always be a threat of spam because you are dealing with strangers however if you do a proper back ground check that would be enough. That being said, as you are aware business is a gamble, higher the risk higher the return, if you think of being risk averse now then I don’t think this is your line of work.


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